PCNA recently unveiled its November 2019 Porsche USA sales numbers.  They were substantial.  This past November proved to be the strongest month in the history of Porsche Cars North America:  Boasting units of 6,326 vehicles, USA sales surged by 11.5 percent over last year’s figures.

Porsche is on track to close 2019 with our tenth year of consecutive growth in deliveries to U.S. customers and the eighth successive record year,” announced Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of PCNA.

Mr. Zellmer’s confidence is not unfounded.  This year’s record just shattered the all-time record set last November.  Furthermore, total retail sales jumped 7 percent in the first 11 months in 2019, with deliveries of 56,835.

“Beyond our thrilling cars, Porsche Cars North America and our dealers are dedicated to providing an exciting customer experience that helps drive these results,” continued Mr. Zellmer.

Mr. Zellmer substantiated the assertion with the following:  “This is the first year that we’ve won the top spot in three key J.D. Power studies — the Customer Service Index, the Sales Satisfaction Index, and the APEAL Study of automotive performance, execution and layout.”

November 2019 Porsche USA sales: Seen here is a chart of a spreadsheet depicting the quantitative numbers of Porsche USA sales for November 2019 Porsche US sales as described in the accompanying article. Source: Porsche Cars North America
Source: Porsche Cars North America

When we “look deep under the hood” at the numbers (see chart above), it is clear that, ironically, sales of Porsche SUVs drove these record-setting sales figures.

In fact, SUV deliveries outpaced Porsche sports-car sales by almost 2 to 1 last month.  Year over year, SUV sales also surpassed sports-car sales by 37.4 percent.

Specifically, this November’s sales of the new-gen Cayenne grew by 52.4 percent over last November.   Furthermore, year-over-year Cayenne retail growth skyrocketed some 87.4 percent.

The Macan demonstrated a much smaller increase, however:  +17.6 percent this November over last year, with a year-over-year modest decline of -5.3 percent.

A new startling sales spike looms on the retail horizon.  Initial anticipated sales of the new Taycan will more than likely soar in frenzied buying.  Deliveries of the first all-electric Porsche land on our national shores later this month.

Sales of Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles also improved once again.  Units totaled 2,257 vehicles in November, an increase of 22.3 percent year-over-year.

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