WE SUGGEST THAT YOU STUDY THE TOP TEN CPO TIPS for buying a Certified Pre-Owned Porsche below.  These top ten CPO tips are intended to steer you in the right direction when considering a CPO Porsche.

Not heeding them could mean the difference between getting a deal of a lifetime — or getting burned big-time, even if (or maybe especially if) you end up purchasing a non-CPO Porsche.

Also refer to my article entitled Porsche Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Program as a companion to these Top 10 CPO Tips.

Be sure to share any of your own CPO tips, experiences and input in the Comments section below to give a hand up to all of your fellow Porschephiles.

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Top Ten CPO Porsche Tips

Once you narrow down your choice (or choices) of CPO Porsches that you desire, do “all of the below”:

1.   Take that all-important test drive

That first test drive is a must.  It’s the only way you’re going to know if the vehicle under consideration is the right fit for you.  Drive that ride as long as your sales consultant will allow.  Also, drive under as many different road conditions and speeds as possible — especially around some tasty twisties, if there are any in your test-drive area.

2.   Examine the vehicle’s Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned 111-Point Checklist

Determine if the dealership is willing to let you study the official 111-point checklist in question (see two blank forms of the Checklist below) on the vehicle that you are interested in buying.  Go over it carefully to make sure there aren’t any oddities or discrepancies.

You may find that the dealer is reluctant – or even completely unwilling — to let you see the official 111-point checklist.  RED-FLAG ALERT!  Move on to the next dealership and vehicles to consider — as fast as you can.  Truly reputable dealers should have absolutely nothing to hide.  A good starting point, as such, is first searching for CPO Porsches at Porsche Premier Dealers near you, if any, and then checking all other Porsche Dealers near you.

Top Ten CPO Tips for Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Porsche Porsche CPO Checklist, Page 1 of 2. Source: PCNA
Porsche CPO 111-Point Checklist, Page 1 of 2. Source: PCNA



Porsche Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Program: Porsche CPO Checklist, Page 2. Source: PCNA
Porsche CPO 111-Point Checklist, Page 2 of 2. Source: PCNA


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3.   Study the existing new-car warranty

Obtain the documentation of the remaining terms that are left on the new-car warranty, if there is one still in force.  Be sure to determine the exact expiration date of that document.  This is your base-line starting point of your warranty.

4.   Check out the vehicle’s maintenance history

Take a hard look at the maintenance history of the vehicle that Porsche has documented and tracked up through to the time when the previous owner has surrendered the vehicle.

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5.    Examine the Porsche Approved CPO Warranty in detail

Be sure to scrutinize the Porsche Approved CPO Warranty’s fine print.  This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting in to.  Then you won’t suffer any blindside surprises down the road.

Top Ten CPO Tips for Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Porsche: Cayman GT4 and wing on Scotland road. Credit: Porsche AG
Credit: Porsche AG

6.    Make sure you’re getting a Porsche Factory-authorized CPO Warranty

This may be belaboring the obvious, but determine that the CPO Warranty is definitely backed and sanctioned by the Porsche Factory.  Confirm this in writing with your salesperson, who incidentally should be a Porsche Certified Sales Consultant at a genuine Porsche Center dealership in the first place.

This is the only way that you’ll be guaranteed that your warranty will be honored across North America, or across the greater region where you live.

7.    Establish the end date of your CPO Warranty

It is imperative that you establish the exact end date of your prospective CPO Warranty — and get it in writing.  The complicated calculations of warranty dates and duration of the Porsche Warranty make this critical.

StuttgartDNA Tip:

Get the right car insurance

Before buying that Porsche of your choice, make sure to do your homework on getting the best car insurance for it — read our article on the subject by clicking on the following link:

How to choose the best car insurance

8.    Get that indispensable pre-purchase inspection (PPI)

By all means, it is crucial that you run a pre-purchase inspection on the prospective vehicle.  Some if not most dealerships will resist this, but do your best to fight for this critical inspection.  As a starting point, check out our Porsche Resources Directory for PPI shops near you; use the Search Filters on that initial landing page to zero in on your State or Province.

9.    Bone up on your desired vehicle’s resale value

You need to do your homework before sitting down at the bargaining table.  Be sure to research resale values.  You should do this anyway whenever you’re in the market for any vehicle, CPO or not.  This will put you in a much more powerful bargaining position when the time comes to haggle.

10.  Haggle, haggle, haggle away

Did someone say “haggle”?  Yes, indeed.  You definitely need to negotiate with your Porsche Certified Sales Consultant in order to get the best price possible.  You need to negotiate despite the fact that you’re in the market for a CPO vehicle — or, more important, exactly because you’re in the hunt for a CPO vehicle.

After all, you do want to whittle down — as much as possible — that premium factored into the price of a CPO Porsche, don’t you?  Of course you do!  (See my article entitled Porsche Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Program for more information on this “premium.”)


Now go get that Porsche of your dreams — or at least one of them for now!


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