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Buying a sweet Porsche 914-6 or 914?  Before plopping down your cold, hard-earned cash or signing on that loan document’s dotted line, beware of the following Porsche 914 pitfalls lurking in the shadows of ignorance:

  • Buying a Sweet 914-6: Seen here is the left-rear 914 Fuchs wheel at Colorado 54th Porsche Parade, 2009Rust in the following areas:
    • below the battery
    • along the chassis longitudinals
    • along the windshield frame, and
    • at the jacking points
  • The clutch tube is susceptible to breakage:
    • inside the chassis tunnel, and
    • at the firewall
  • Suspension movement can damage the mounts if the rear suspension console nuts come loose
  • Out-of-sight service costs resulting from extremely tight engine spaces in which to work
  • Costly oil leaks are as common as in all early 911s, and
  • The shear scarcity of original replacement parts

Just be on your toes — and be sure to conduct a pre-purchase inspection (PPI) by going to our “Porsche Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI)” page.  There you’ll find professional mechanics near you who can ably perform the PPI for you.

Porsche Clubs: 914 front-left at Colorado 54 Porsche Parade, 2009. Credit: StuttgartDNA
Concours at the 54th Porsche Parade in Colorado, 2009. Credit: StuttgartDNA

Also check the Internet to ask questions on and seek answers from forums and websites catering to 914 Porschephiles such as 914 World or the Porsche 914 Owners Association, among others.  And check out online articles, such as The Pelican Parts Official Guide to Buying a 914.

Happy hunting!

Source material:  Aaron Jenkins, Excellence magazine, No. 198

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