Buyer Guides

Welcome to our Buyer Guides page.  Our first one up is on the 996-gen Porsche 911 Buyer Guide for now.  Check back periodically for additional Buyer Guides.  Thanks for stopping by to visit this page.

996-gen Porsche 911 Buyer Guide: Seen here is a 996-gen Porsche 911 Carrera 4S arctic-silver Cabriolet, from right-rear angle, at speed on a picturesque country road with a pretty woman in the passenger seat. Credit: Porsche AG996-gen Porsche 911 Buyer Guide

Check out our first Buyer Guide here.  The 996 is not only one of the best Porsche models for first-time Porsche buyers, but the 996 is also the best and most affordable Porsche 911 for first-time Porsche buyers too.