Porsche launches Porsche Finder, its pre-owned vehicle search platform.   Porsche Finder enables prospective customers to search all 192 USA Porsche dealerships across the country from the cozy comfort of home during these sheltering times.

This is one of the objectives in Porsche’s fast-tracking of its e-commerce strategy to give customers greater and greater access to the Porsche brand.  Launched by Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) and developed by Porsche Digital, Porsche Finder enables customers at home the rapid ability to zero in on the exact vehicle they desire to buy.

For those of you who can’t wait (like myself who is eagerly searching for a Macan daily driver to be a garage mate beside my current Porsche sports car), Porsche Finder is now up and running at:  https://finder.porsche.com/us/en_US/

The advantage of Porsche Finder is its optimized search filters that enable the end-user to drill down further than ever before using the following parameters, for example:

  • Exterior colors (including cabriolet roof colors)
  • Interior colors
  • Inventory search without the cumbersome need to enter a zip code
  • Model and generation
  • Pricing options
  • Vehicle equipment and packages

Obviously proud of the realization of this latest facet of Porsche’s e-commerce strategy, President and CEO of PCNA Klaus Zellmer declared, “Now is the time to put our foot on the accelerator to make the Porsche digital experience as stellar as our cars.

“Providing seamless access to our products is a top priority in our existing e-commerce strategy, with the goal of creating a one-stop shop for new and pre-owned vehicle search and purchase, which will follow down the road.  For now, the new Porsche Finder platform for pre-owned vehicles will enhance the customer experience and greatly benefit our dealer partners.”

As part of the porscheusa.com website, Porsche Finder is optimized to enable excellent search results on both tablet and mobile devices.  Porsche was wise to optimize searches on such devices because consumer research data reveal that greater than 50 percent of all search users perform vehicle searches on mobile devices.

Yet another aspect of Porsche’s e-commerce strategy is known as “Porsche at Your Service” (PAYS).  This takes the shop-from-home experience one step further by making customer access even easier.  PAYS opens new avenues so that a customer can choose home-delivery options to put that dream Porsche in one’s driveway as unexposed as possible once it has been chosen and purchased online.

Finally, Porsche Financial Services (PFS) is also trying to make it easier to finance and streamline the mobility needs of Porsche’s customers as follows:

  • Payment deferrals — such deferrals will be judged on a case-by-case basis for 30 to 60 days in deferral duration
  • 90 Days to First Payment Finance Program — this program applies to both new and Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles on retail finance contracts dated from April 4 through June 30, 2020, except for contracts executed in the states Maine and Pennsylvania, which prohibit such transactions.
  • 95% APR for 60 Months Finance Program — PFS is offering this program for up to 60 months on a select grouping of new and CPO retail finance contracts dated from April 4 through June 30, 2020. Available only to Level 1 (i.e., Tier 1 credit) qualifying buyers, the 1.95% program can be combined with the 90 Days to First Payment Finance Program.
  • Lease-end extensions — PFS is also allowing a six-month extension on lease contracts, so long as such requests have been received by PFS by May 31, 2020. This is an additional four months longer than the regular extension period, thus giving lessees some peace of mind of extended availability of their vehicles.

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