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StuttgartDNA encourages our visitors and users to observe all local traffic laws –- as well as to wear one’s seat belts –- whenever on the road.

Please be aware that installing unauthorized parts on or in your Porsche, entering your Porsche and participating in autocross and other competitive motorsport events, either professional or amateur, and/or altering your Porsche with tuner modifications or conversions may adversely affect your car’s warranty.

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Changes to Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Usage

StuttgartDNA reserves the right to make periodic changes to our Privacy Policy and to our Terms of Usage without notice as the result of fluctuating conditions, needs and demands.  Said changes become effective immediately upon posting and apply to all data collected in the wake of that posting.

Please visit this page from time to time to review our Terms of Usage and to monitor those changes, if any.  In such an event, your continued use of StuttgartDNA constitutes acceptance of those modifications to our Terms of Usage.

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