How buying a new Porsche can save you money could be easier than you think.  It’s just a mandatory matter of discretionary options, options, options.

Essentially, just the act itself of buying a new Porsche can save you money — or so purports an unattributed article in Excellence magazine’s 2017-2018 Edition of its Porsche Buyer’s Guide.

Is a New Porsche Really within Your Budget?

Actual Out-of-Pocket Cost vs. Depreciation Cost

Such a claim of saving money by buying a new Porsche may seem counter-intuitive.  After all, think of the appreciable amount of depreciation incurred just as soon as any new car pulls out of the dealership’s driveway.  (See my article on buying a CPO Porsche for further details on depreciation, for example.)

Nonetheless, the article – titled “Saving Money Buying a New Porsche” — makes a compelling case.  In short, the article demonstrates how buying a new Porsche can in fact save you money.  (You can access it by clicking here to get the magazine’s Porsche Buyer’s Guide.)  It also presents a second scenario of custom-tailoring your ideal Porsche for track days.

How High the Cost of Options?

It’s no secret that Porsche’s myriad options result in myriad revenue streams.  Purchasing such options have augmented the company’s bottom line virtually ever since the fledgling design firm moved from Gmünd back to Stuttgart shortly after WWII.

In a nutshell, Excellence article’s thesis argument is that the base price of any new Porsche is relatively within reason — but the final sticker price has skyrocketed into the stratosphere.

If you don’t believe me, check your blood pressure after studying various stickers at your local dealership.  This is because of all of the tacked-on options seen on each loaded vehicle in any given dealer’s on-lot inventory.

According to Excellence, here’s the antidote:

  1. Select the model of your choosing with the base price that comfortably fits within your budget
  2. Come to a decision on the bare-minimum choice of options that you desire, and
  3. Order that personally optioned and now-within-budget Porsche of your dreams from your neighborhood authorized Porsche dealer

Porsche Germany Factory Delivery:  The Porsche European Delivery Program

Furthermore, here’s an awesome “option” unto itself:  With all the money you’ll be saving by eliminating any undesired vehicle options, the article suggests that you should take advantage of those substantial savings by taking delivery of your custom-built Porsche in Germany!

This can be done through the Porsche European Delivery Program at the factories in Germany, in either Stuttgart (i.e., Zuffenhausen, starting in 2018) or Leipzig.

Next, cast off on the dreamiest vacation of a lifetime — driving your brand-spanking-new Porsche across Europe.  Then, once back home, you can relish the delightful anticipation of taking possession of your personally-broken-in bespoke Porsche after it’s shipped back to your local dealership in the States or in Canada.

(If you live outside of these nation-states, check with your local dealership to see if the Porsche European Delivery Program is available to you, and/or find your country’s Porsche website by clicking on the “country website” link in the second paragraph below.)

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The Porsche Car Configurator

But first you have to set out on your quest by accessing Porsche Cars North America’s excellent Porsche Car Configurator on its website.

Any of Porsche’s other websites around the globe will have the Porsche Car Configurator; click here to access the Porsche worldwide website locator to find the Porsche website of the country of your choosing, in your region and language.

The Configurator will not only allow you to embark on your quest by configuring your exact chosen model.  It will also enable you to familiarize yourself with all of the available options you don’t want – and, more important, with all of the options that you definitely can’t live without to equip your dream Porsche.

Read the Original Article and Sub-Article for Further Study

In any case, to fully appreciate the essence of the Excellence article, it’s best to read it in its entirety by obtaining the Porsche Buyer’s Guide – in either print or digital editions – here on the magazine’s website.

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