About the Resources Directory

Our Porsche® Resources Directory places any previously-hard-to-find resources right at your fingertips — on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone — across North America, and, coming soon, ’round the planet.

The Resources Directory was created specifically to assist you and fellow Porschephiles in rapidly accessing any and all goods and services ever needed to take care of your Baby — no matter what Porsche(s) you drive.

Here are quick-access links to various aspects of the Resources Directory:

Get Turn-by-Turn Google® Directions

A cool feature of the Resources Directory is that it enables you to chart out turn-by-turn directions to a desired vendor or service provider once you discover that listed resource in the Directory.

First decide whether you want directions from your “Current Location” (the default), or whether you wish to enter a “Specific Address” from which to start your turn-by-turn directions.

You’ll find the “Directions to Listing” dialogue box containing these two “Current Location” and “Specific Address” radio buttons just to the right of the Google® map displaying the selected resource’s locator pin on the map.

Next drill down to your desired mode of transportation listed under the heading, “Travel Mode” as follows:

  • Driving (the default)
  • Public Transit
  • Walking
  • Cycling

Finally, click on ” Show Directions” and — presto! — your turn-by-turn directions are all mapped out for you.

Learn to Rapidly Navigate the Resources Directory

At first glance, using the Directory might appear a little daunting.

But once you get the hang of it, navigating the Directory will become second nature, especially if you’re a seasoned pro at surfing the Internet.

For detailed instructions on how to find your way around the Directory itself, please click here on Navigating the Directory.

Happy hunting for that much-sought-after resource that will happily resolve your particular issue(s)!