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Porsche wants you to clinch your driving hands wet on the wheel of the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen car or SUV of your dreams — a ride delivering the fullest in driving satisfaction.  

To this end, Porsche’s online Car Configurator conjures up Artificial Intelligence (AI) on its worldwide retail websites now.  Endgame: Your ultimate motoring pleasure. 

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So how can Artificial Intelligence uniquely land you in the driver’s seat of the ideal Porsche of your dreams?  Glad you asked. Please read on . . .

Porsche Car Configurator conjures Artificial Intelligence

How Does the Porsche Car Configurator Use Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

All Porsche retail websites round the world include the Porsche Car Configurator.  The Porsche Car Configurator enables you to mold and craft that Porsche model of your dreams.  You are allowed to do this by reviewing and selecting all optional equipment of your choice right at your fingertips. 

In other words, you can “configure” your ideal Porsche with the Car Configurator, as its name spells out. The Car Configurator employs Artificial Intelligence to recommend which features complement the options you have chosen so far.

“We’re making the configuration process easier for our customers.”

— Axel Berger, Project Manager, Porsche AG Advanced Analytics and Smart
Data Department

The Porsche Car Configurator “Recommendation Engine”

Porsche is adding the novel technology of Artificial Intelligence as the latest wrinkle to its configuration resource in real time.  Working behind the scenes is Porsche’s “Recommendation Engine” as the Configurator’s advisory utility. 

What Does the “Recommendation Engine” Do?

Here’s how the Recommendation Engine works: 

  • Every so-motivated customer using the Car Configurator makes choices categorized under tabbed selections at the top of the Configurator screen (e.g., Exterior Colors & Wheels, Interior Colors & Seats, Options, etc.)
  • By clicking or tapping on the light bulb icon in the bottom-right corner, the configuring customer receives tailored recommendations unique to him or her at that given moment
  • Thus the Car Configurator’s artificial intelligence utility chooses from up to billions of available option combinations
  • Recommendations are derived in a fraction of a second from millions of Porsche Car Configurator data points
  • Porsche estimates a 90 percent accuracy in meeting each customer’s desires
  • Porsche promises that, as new data is gathered and processed, the Recommendation Engine’s rate of accuracy improves over time

Applying Algorithms and Crafting Neural Networks

Porsche Car Configurator conjures Artificial Intelligence: Depicted here is a smartphone displaying the AI Porsche Car Configurator. Credit: Porsche AG

Without getting too deep in the weeds, the bottom line is, locally derived algorithms ferret out data patterns.  This then paves the way for arriving at predictable selections tailored for each customer. This, in turn, derives the greatest possible benefit based on his/her particular choices. 

In short, neural networks — over 270 machine learning models — are fashioned and crafted on the basis of specific markets and their particular localized market ecosystems for each and every customer working his or her magic on the Porsche Car Configurator.

“By using artificial intelligence in the Porsche Car Configurator, we’re making the configuration process easier for our customers. We’re using this technology to create a truly personalized online experience where we display relevant equipment options — no two users receive the same recommendations.”
— Axel Berger, Project Manager, Porsche AG Advanced Analytics and Smart
Data Department

Of course, such data collection and analysis could be prone to abuse.  Porsche assures us, however, that the proper precautions are being taken to ensure data shielding, anonymity and privacy over the course of the entire process.

Where in the World Did Porsche’s Use of Artificial Intelligence Originate?

The Porsche Car Configurator’s deployment of these artificial intelligence protocols saw initial rollout in the following world markets: 

  • China
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan, and
  • The United States

Other markets will follow in due course. 

Pros and Cons of Porsche’s Artificial Intelligence

Better fine-tuning as to how you are now able to craft that Porsche of your dreams

Craft that Porsche from home or office, without having to go to the showroom

Learn the exact final suggested list price as the baseline from which to haggle

Soon Porsche’s Artificial Intelligence will be accessible everywhere on the planet

Potential breach of private data collection, data analysis, and security

Next Steps Going Forward — as Simple as 1, 2, 3!

As depicted in the 911 Turbo S Porsche Car Configurator screenshot above and described among the initial bullets near the top too, the process of configuring the Porsche of your lusty choice is easy.

Simply begin by choosing a set of desired options in a particular section. Then click or tap on the light bulb icon in the lower-right-hand corner of the Porsche Car Configurator’s screen. This can be done during the course of each customer’s virtual consultation session on the website. 

Of course, Porsche’s ultimate goal is to further enhance each and every potential Porsche customer’s brand experience as extended to the Internet retail domain.  Now go (con)figure that Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen ride of your dreams! 

Start by accessing Porsche’s “Find a Dealer” webpage as depicted in the screenshot above. If you are in the United States, you can use the dialog box that is superimposed over Greenland in the above screenshot, above the red up-arrow.

Either click on “Use my current location” in the top field or enter your city/state or zip code in the bottom field.

Or, if you are outside the United States, then use the “Change Country/Region” drop-down boxes at the bottom of the page, below the red down-arrow.

To find the closest dealer to you, use the “Select a region” and “Select a country/region” drop-down boxes.

Once you arrive at the homepage in your own country, you can then select the “Car Configurator” link in the upper-right corner of that homepage.

Configuring and obtaining the Porsche of your dreams with the Porsche Car Configurator using Porsche Artificial Intelligence is as easy as 1-2-3!

Porsche Car Configurator conjures Artificial Intelligence: Pictured here is a screenshot of Porsche Cars North America's "Find a Dealer" webpage. The red up-arrow points to where you can locate a dealer in the U.S., whereas the red down-arrow points to where a user can find a dealer in the rest of the world outside the U.S.

Step 1


Your first step is to locate a dealer nearest you by clicking on the button below. Then just follow the directions above under the “Locate a Dealer” discussion.

Porsche Car Configurator conjures Artificial Intelligence: Seen here is a screenshot of the Porsche Car Configurator on the Porsche Cars North America website. Clicking on the light bulb icon (indicated by the red arrow) in the bottom-right corner activates the Artificial Intelligence “Recommendation Engine.” Source: Porsche Cars North America

Step 2


Once on your local dealership’s homepage, simply click on the “Car Configurator” link on that homepage. The link is typically in the upper-right-hand corner of the homepage.

2019 Premier Porsche Dealers list announced: Pictured here is a Porsche dealership's facade at sunset, with the archetypical bold PORSCHE signage lit up in Guards Red. Credit: Porsche AG

Step 3

Drive, Drive, Drive!

Either buy the configured Porsche of your dreams online or at your local dealership — then drive, drive, drive your new sweet baby to your heart’s content!

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