Porsche Cars North America, Inc., (PCNA) just issued a voluntary recall and stop-sale notice regarding certain 2017 Panamera and 2018 Panamera model variants.  This 2017 Panamera and 2018 Panamera voluntary recall refers specifically to a subset of second-generation Panameras (Type 971).

To date, the Panamera recall alert applies only to Panamera models sold in the United States and Puerto Rico — about seven-hundred fifteen (715) Panameras, so far.

Porsche’s internal testing revealed possible issues concerning the Panameras’ connecting links.  According to that testing, Porsche determined that the connecting links on the rear-axle anti-roll bar do not meet Porsche’s installation quality standards.

Here’s the potential issue:  A connecting link could detach from the anti-roll bar.  In turn, here’s the hypothetical result:  The detached part(s) could make contact with the surrounding suspension components, thus damaging those components.

Fortunately, as of this writing, there have been no reports of any accidents or mishaps.

PCNA will notify all affected Type 971 Chassis G2 Panamera customers by mail about the voluntary recall.  Those customers will thus receive instructions to take their vehicles to an authorized Porsche dealer.

The dealership’s service department will install stronger, improved connecting links to the rear axle’s anti-roll bars free of charge.

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