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Porsche Flirts with Hydrogen Energy

ON THE HEELS OF PORSCHE’S ANNOUNCEMENTS, touting a future 911 Hybrid and the firing up of its maiden Chilean eFuel plant comes news that Porsche is also flirting with hydrogen energy for its internal-combustion engines (ICE). 

Furthermore, the luxury automaker nestled in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen conceived an actual hydrogen-engine prototype.  More important, though, said prototype is said to outperform a 4.4-liter V8 gasoline engine. 

The H2 engine spawns at least two advantages right off the bat:

  1. Reducing fuel consumption
  2. Sustaining negligible emissions on par with ambient air

But not so fast.  Originally conceived in mid-2022, the H2 engine is a digitally hatched construct.  No matter, though.  It’s certainly an encouraging albeit incremental leap in the right direction, hopefully out-rivaling electromobility someday, as is the prevailing natural order of the day at present. 

The conventional internal combustion engine required several modifications and alterations, such as increasing compression ratios and fashioning a heavy-breathing turbocharging system. 

Courtesy of Porsche Engineering, these tweaks, among another one or two perhaps, are what led to achieving clean H2 combustion. 

In the final analysis, the hydrogen engine managed a respectable 440kW max output and a top speed of 261km/h, thus edging out the V8 by a hair. 

We’ll endeavor to keep you posted on any additional future breakthroughs. 

Porsche Engineers Shed New High-Resolution Light

PORSCHE IS DEVELOPING new high-resolution LED main headlights with HD matrix beams.  These innovative headlight assemblies enable high-resolution light distribution that is twice as bright as existing headlight systems. 

The clever crux of this new high-resolution HD matrix technology resides in an ingenious next-generation LED chip that combines over 16,000 individually controllable micro-LEDs on a surface area the size of a thumbnail. 

Each chip provides a high-resolution light distribution that is up to twice as bright on a surface four times larger than previous superior systems.  Porsche submitted over 25 patents together make this innovative technology a reality. 

After several less-than-ideal passes, Porsche chose to go with the new and efficient HD matrix LED technology with 16,384 pixels per module, rather than the maximum resolution that is technically feasible. 

According to Porsche, this leap in performance in light technology is attributed to this efficient generation of light — and the combination of the two HD matrix modules with two bi-functional modules.  Only light that is actually necessary is generated.  Thus this novel technology is dubbed “active matrix light generation.” 

Porsche optics engineers have ingeniously developed six state-of-the-art technological functions that combine into a cohesive innovative whole that is greater than the sum of its “hexagonal” parts: 

  1. High beam with auxiliary high beam (high-performance high beam)
  2. Non-dazzling high beam with new function
  3. Lane illumination
  4. Construction and narrow-lane light
  5. Adaptive motorway high beam, and
  6. Animation as greeting and send-off

For greater edification on this state-of-the-art Porsche headlight technology in general and the six aforementioned functions, click here for Porsche’s further elaboration. 

Porsche Reports a Very Modest 2022 Global Sales Increase

PORSCHE POSTS A MODEST INCREASE in 2022’s annual worldwide sales.  The Stuttgart-based German automobile manufacturer reports 309,884 total worldwide deliveries, a slight 3 percent increase over 2021’s global sales of 301,915 deliveries. 

Porsche attributes this lackluster 2022 increase to “several global crises.” 

Porsche’s SUVs customarily led the charge.  Itemized model sales break down as follows (in descending order): 

  • Cayenne — 95,604 units (delta unspecified)
  • Macan — 86,724 units (delta unspecified)
  • 911 — 40,410 units (+5 percent)
  • Panamera — 34,142 units (+13 percent)
  • Taycan — 34,801 units (-16 percent)
  • 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman — 18,203 units (delta unspecified)


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