Singer Vehicle Design
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Singer Vehicle Design
Singer Vehicle Design transforms air-cooled 911s into even greater works of art.

Known as one of the most imaginative global Porsche tuners, Singer Vehicle Design takes the air-cooled Porsche 911, then reshapes and reinvents that already flawless piece of art on four wheels.

In other words, Singer Vehicle Design transforms each client’s 911 into a somehow utterly more perfect objet d’art.

How Singer accomplishes this is uncanny.  The Southern California tuner works its magic on a hitherto unimagined higher plane of superlative perfection on the 911 — “Porsche HyperOptimization” is what we call it here at StuttgartDNA.

Founded in 2009, Singer Vehicle Design is headed by company principal Rob Dickinson, a former car designer himself and rock musician.  He’s also co-author with journalist Michael Harley of the book “One More Than 10 – Singer and the Porsche 911.”

In large, full-color format and weighing in at 276 pages filled with the finest photographs of the company’s optimized 911s, “One More Than 10” tells the story of the Singer mission statement:  “Restored, Reimagined, Reborn.”

In essence, Singer Vehicle Design transforms the air-cooled 911 through modern technology and the design firm’s alternative point of view.

It restores and optimizes the 911 to enhance Porsche’s symbolic, flagship model to another level of iconic perfection.  In so doing, the design firm asserts that it takes over 400 man-hours to accomplish this epic goal.

General categories of the Singer-centric specifications include Chassis and Body; Engine, Exhaust, Drive and Transmission; Electrical, Lighting and Glass; Suspension, Brakes and Wheels; Colors; and Interior.  (Click on the company’s website link below to locate and see details of each category’s particular specs.)

These company specifications serve simply as a jumping-off point to create a bespoke, unique vehicle for each client.  Singer Vehicle Design will entertain special requests and desires – but of course at a cost above and beyond the already stratospheric price tag that is charged for the (unusually) usual creation.

In the final analysis, while each car is uniquely tailored to a specific client, the Singer Singular Objective is that every Singer creation is supposed to feel utterly unique to whoever drives the vehicle.

More precisely, as Will Sabel Courtney, Senior Editor of The Drive, explains the Singer driving experience, “I’m driving a car literally made for someone else, yet everything about it feels purely for me.”

Located in Sun Valley, within Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, Singer Vehicle Design is near Lake View Terrace, Sunland-Tujunga, La Crescenta, Glendale, Burbank, North Hollywood, Panorama City and San Fernando.

The design company is just outside Pasadena, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Encino, Northridge and Sylmar.

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11585 Sheldon Street
Sun Valley
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