Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) recently released the good sales news for yet another month:  4,805 vehicle units sold in May 2017.  Porsche May 2017 USA sales represent year-to-date figures of 23,052 units, up a respectable 3.7% increase over last year’s sales figures.

The two main model lines driving robust May sales were the Macan, as usual, and the more attractively re-styled Panamera — minus that original unsightly hatchback’s Quasimodo hunchback hump.

Porsche May 2017 USA sales: Chart-May 2017 Porsche US sales. Source: PCNA
Source: PCNA

The Macan is still showing strong legs to this day.  Deliveries of the smaller yet very feisty Porsche SUV are soaring with no let-up in sight at a hearty 1,730 units.  This represents a whopping 21.3% increase over last year’s May sales.  Year-to-date figures have spiked by 26.9%, with total sales of 8,767 Macans.  Impressive.

Overall, the Panamera was less impressive, yet no slouch, either.  The 4-door-sedan model line more than doubled last May’s numbers by 114.5%, resulting in sales of 768 units.  Sales year to date are quite respectable, with delivery of 2,483 units, representing an increase of 46.7% over last year’s numbers.

Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle sales are on an upward pace too.  USA sales amounted to 1,568 deliveries.  Year-to-date CPO units tally up to 7,490 vehicles, upwardly trending with an 8.8% increase over last year’s same period.

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