Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA) announced its mid-year sales figures for the United States.  According to the report, the Panamera sedan notwithstanding, sports-car sales plummeted both from June year-over-year sales and 2016 and 2017 year-to-date sales.

Yet, despite these relatively sharp declines, U.S. deliveries squeaked out an overall net-net increase in sales figures.


Well, PCNA owes it all to strong SUV sales, especially the Macan model lines.

Incidentally, this should be an object lesson for the Porsche-purist “Never-SUVers” crowd — continued success of the Porsche SUVs and Porsche Panameras in the multi-model roundup ensure the continued successful production of coveted Porsche sports cars in both the near and distant future.

Porsche June 2017 USA sales: Chart-June 2017 Porsche US sales. Source: PCNA
Source: PCNA

Porsche June 2017 USA sales — by the numbers

So the numbers break down as follows.  U.S. Porsche Dealers sold a total of 4, 516 units in June 2017, a negligible 0.8% increase over June 2016 numbers.  Year-to-date figures were slightly better.  2017 year-to-date vehicle sales of 27,568 units amounted to an increase of 3.2% over 2016 Y-T-D sales.

What kept these figures barely on the positive side, as alluded to above, were the formidable Macan SUV sales.

The Macan produced yet another robust sales month in June, yielding 1,871 deliveries.  This represents another whopping 53.1% spike over the same month in 2016.  Year-to-date Macan sales produced an amazing 10,638 deliveries, again showing a healthy increase of 30.9%

In addition, the Panamera chalked up respectable numbers.  All Panameras yielded a modest increase of 2.4% over last June, with of 518 units delivered in June 2017.  Even better, though, are the year-to-date figures of 3,001 Panamera “sports sedans,” a spike of 36.5% over Y-T-D 2016.

Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) sales weighed in at 1,477 units in the States.  This shakes out at 8,964 CPO year-to-date sales units, up 7.2% for the first half of 2017.

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