The Porsche powers-that-be have to be savoring the company’s ever-upward sales trends for the first six months of 2017 — i.e., Porsche AG nails mid-year 2017 worldwide sales record.

The Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen sports-car manufacturer delivered more cars in this first half of 2017 than during any first six months of any other year in its history.

As has been the case for several consecutive months, the Macan model line continues to be the unstoppable engine driving this phenomenal sales growth.  The sporty, agile SUV is surely king of the off-road hill in terms of highest volume of raw sales.

The re-designed Panamera model line, however, outpaces the Macan in terms of manifesting the strongest percentage growth in this first six months – commanding a highly impressive increase of 54%(!).

Speaking of favorable impressions, Detlev von Platen acknowledges the substantial contribution that the Panamera model line has made to Porsche’s bottom line.  As a Member of the Executive Board responsible for Sales and Marketing, von Platen asserts, “The enthusiastic response from customers has been overwhelming.  The plug-in hybrid versions and the new Sport Turismo version of the Panamera will provide us with even more momentum.”

Here are the models that showed the greatest legs in the first half of 2017:

  • Macan models – double-digit growth of 11%, surpassing the 50,000-unit mark
  • 718 Cayman and Boxster models – additional positive increases in growth
  • Cayenne models – 35,601 SUVs were delivered, slotting into the position of the second most popular Porsche model line, behind the Macan line
Porsche AG nails mid-year 2017 worldwide sales record - Chart - Porsche AG First Half of 2017 Worldwide Sales. Source: PAG
Source: Porsche AG

In terms of regional world markets, China, which has the greatest obvious growth potential, unsurprisingly snagged the brass ring for being the largest single national market this time around.  The communist / quasi-capitalist country boasted sales of 35,864 vehicles, a substantial increase in growth of 18% over this same 2016 time period.

Once the perennial best-performing market year after year, the United States this time ranks second behind China, with sales of 27,568 units, an increase of 3%.  Sales on German home turf showed similarly satisfactory numbers from last year, at 15,474 countrywide deliveries, an increase of 1%

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